Purpose of this website

Medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency or MCAD deficiency is an inherited metabolic disorder where the patient has a problem with breaking down fat. The disorder is rare and relatively unknown amongst care takers who are not specialized in metabolic disorders.

This website is made by the mother of a patient with MCAD deficiency. What started as some research on the internet in order to better understand the explanations of the doctor has grown into a website with as much information as possible on MCAD deficiency.
The purpose of this website is to share the results of this research with other patients with MCAD deficiency and their parents because they may have the same questions and the same need for information.
The information can be read sequentially or per theme.
Also the page with frequently asked questions can be a good starting point.

Besides the theoretical part, this website is also meant to collect testimonies of people with MCAD deficiency as well as to discuss - anonymously - about issues and matters that are important for patients with MCAD deficiency and their parents.

I studied computer science and am not a doctor nor a scientist. The information on this website has not yet been validated by an expert in the field of MCAD deficiency and might contain errors! Always contact your doctor in case you have questions!

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This page was last modified on 2 March 2011